Integrative Life Network

Integrative Life Network (ILN) is a family of unique and innovative treatment programs. Our organization began with Integrative Life Center in Nashville, Tennessee—a nationally recognized treatment center for mental health and addictive disorders. ILC now has two additional satellite locations in Oxford, Mississippi and Chattanooga, Tennessee. ILN also includes Begin Again Institute; a 14-day intensive program for men struggling with intimacy disorders, and Boulder Recovery; a clinically intensive, Christian 14-day intensive program for men struggling with intimacy disorders.

The thread that weaves our family of centers together is heart-centered, whole-person healing. We believe that a person is not defined by their past traumas or behaviors and that lasting recovery and healing is available to anyone who walks through our doors. Treatment at our centers focuses on:

Trauma Resolution

Community Reintegration

Spiritual & Emotional Wellness

Social Learning

Holistic Healing